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Protect Your Home and Business During a Power Outage

If you never want to risk running out of power, purchasing a generator system is a smart decision. At Weisman Electric Company, we are a proud authorized dealer and service provider for Briggs & Stratton, GE, and Generac standby generator systems. We can help you with the entire generator purchasing process, from the sales to the service and installation. We can also offer you Annapolis generator system rentals and help you repair and maintain your generator system to make sure your system will work during your time of need.


Why You Need a Generator?

  • Keep Business Up and Running – No matter what type of industry you work in, you’ll need electricity to keep your doors open and your business operating. When you hire a quality generator installation service, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to stay up and running even in the event of a power outage. Without a working generator or a proper installation, you could find yourself closing down for days at a time.
  • Enjoy Convenience at Home – You need electricity to keep your business in motion because you will lose money as long as your power is off. At home, however, it tends to be more a matter of convenience. A proper generator installation will get your lights back on and let you use your appliances when a thunderstorm or electrical issue leaves you with a blackout. When choosing a type of generator to have installed, think about the size of your home and how much power you will need in order to stay comfortable during a power outage.
  • Power Medical Equipment – Residential electricity is more important in some cases than in others. If you rely on home medical equipment like respirators in order to deal with a medical condition, you’ll need to make sure your home generator is ready to get your electricity back up and running. This can be a life or death situation, so proper generator installation is crucial.

Generator Products and Services We Provide :

  • Commercial Generators Installation: We can install, repair, and maintain generators for businesses. Our systems are energy efficient and our installations are simple and quick. With one of our generators, you will still be able to operate smoothly even during critical power failures.
  • Residential Generator Installation: By investing in a generator system, you can protect your home and family from the inconvenience of power outages. From sales and servicing, to installation and rentals, we can walk you through every step. GET IT INSTALLED FOR $100 A MONTH!! CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE!
  • Service & maintenance plans: If you have a service or maintenance need, we can repair all major makes and models of propane, natural gas, and diesel generators. We offer both custom contracts and standard semi-annual preventative maintenance contracts.
  • UPS systems: We offer single source, turnkey back-up power. With Weisman Electric Company’s help, you will be equipped for all emergencies. We can meet your unique needs and budget requirements.

Proper Installation Is Important

Like any other appliance, the way a home generator is installed will affect its efficiency and its effectiveness. A poorly installed generator will be more likely to malfunction or fail entirely. This can create serious problems for your business or your household when a power outage strikes, so make sure you work with a company that you can trust.

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