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Weisman Electric Is Ready to Install Your EV Charger

The electric car revolution is upon us! If you have recently purchased your electric vehicle or are considering joining the movement towards cleaner transportation energy, Weisman Electric Company is here to make sure you are fully prepared to help keep your vehicle fully charged, and quickly!

Weisman Electric Company installed the very first electric vehicle charger in the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis, MD. Since then, we have been fully equipping numerous electric vehicle owners with state-of-the-art charging systems to power their vehicles directly from home…businesses included! We can assist with getting your workplace set up with its own charging stations so that your employees that have gone green can feel comfortable driving their vehicles to and from work.

Proper installation is key when it comes to your electric vehicle’s charging station. We will make sure that everything is set up properly and in accordance with all safety guidelines and standards so you can start charging right away.



Professional Installation That Annapolis Can Rely On

While we are a Tesla® approved installer, we can install most other brands of electric vehicle chargers for both your home and office. As technology progresses, plug-ins have become more standardized in the industry which means a quicker and efficient installation process for your home. Our technicians fully understand the ins and outs of the installation process and are well equipped to also handle any workplace installation.

The Best Quality of Service

It is “all systems go!” here at Weisman Electric Company as we continue to bring Annapolis into the new era of green technology! If your home or office doesn’t have readily available electrical circuits for your electric vehicle charger, we are prepared and able to upgrade your current circuits to get your system installed and make it as easily accessible as possible. We want to make sure that you have the best quality of service when you work with Weisman Electric Company, so we have expertly equipped our team with the latest EVSE information and tools. We will pass our knowledge on to you, as the vehicle owner, so that you can operate your new charging system with ease. All customers should feel confident in knowing that should any power issues with your charger arise, we are here to help assist in bringing it back to its full charging capability.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

If you’re a progressive business like ours, remaining at the forefront of emerging technology is important. In recent years, the electric vehicle movement has gained tremendous momentum. If you manage a retail business, parking garage or a lot, or any operation with a large number of employees and are considering the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, contact us today. We installed the very first electric vehicle charging station in Annapolis, MD, and continue to install more and more each year.

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