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Over 30+ years of Customer Care & Excellence

Like most people, you use electricity every day without even thinking about. In fact, you’re using it right now, as you read this on your computer or mobile device. Electricity has become an essential part of home life, and homeowners are constantly finding new ways to harness it. To ensure that your home uses electricity as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible, it’s important that you have a team of professionals perform high-quality electrical services. The electrical contractors at Weisman Electric Company are pleased to provide a number of residential electrical services for Annapolis homeowners.


Electrical Services:

As full-service electrical contractors, we are fully equipped and trained to handle any and all electrical jobs you may require. Here’s a peek at a few of our specific services.

  • LED Lighting: Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are among the most efficient lights on the planet. We can install LED lighting throughout your home’s interior and exterior to help boost your home’s energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs.
  • Pool and Spa Lighting: When it comes to underwater lighting, safety is of the utmost concern. The electricians at Weisman Electric Company have ample experience installing pool and spa lighting, allowing our clients to enjoy enhanced safety and ambiance in their pool areas.
  • Home Automation: As technology becomes more advanced, so do homes all across the country. We have the skills necessary to make your home as sophisticated as you want it to be. We can set up advanced heating systems, entertainment systems, and vacuum systems, then make everything exceedingly easy to control.
  • Pier Wiring: If you have your own pier, as many residents in Anne Arundel County do, then you would probably like it to have some electricity. Pier lighting and power wiring can greatly improve safety and convenience.
  • Electrical Layout: If you’re in the process of building a home, let us help you with the electrical design and layout. We’ll gladly lend our expertise to helping you determine the best places for overhead lights, recessed lighting, outlets, and other important aspects of your electrical system.
  • Security Systems: A good security system requires sophisticated wiring. We can help improve the security of your Annapolis area home by wiring your surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and other security features.

Additional Services We Can Assist You With

Whether you live in a modest apartment or a large family home, our comprehensive services have got you covered. For full residential electrical services in the Annapolis area, call Weisman Electric Company at 410-266-3522 Whether you’re looking to install a new light fixture or completely rewire your home, we’re the team for the job.

  • LED recessed lighting and dimming systems
  • Car charging stations wiring and installation
  • Home standby generator systems
  • Hot tubs / spas
  • Landscape lighting
  • Lighting control systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Data, Voice, and TV wiring
  • Pier shore power and lighting
  • Pools
  • Floor Heating systems
  • Solar systems
  • Driveway heat
  • Ambiance lighting
  • Cove lighting and up-lighting
  • Camera Systems

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