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residential generator

A generator can provide you and your family members with peace of mind during the stormiest seasons of the year. When you schedule a generator installation in Annapolis, you will receive a quality generator that is connected to the gas line of your house. Since home generators are typically only used a few times out of the year, they can develop maintenance issues during the weeks or months that they sit idly. To get the best benefits out of your generator installation, read on to review some common problems that can develop in home generators.

Low Oil

The moving parts inside of your standby generator require oil in order to remain clean and properly lubricated. If you forget to change your generator oil for a very long period of time, its oil levels will eventually start to get very low. In the event that your home generator smokes or overheats when you attempt to turn it on, your system may be in need of an oil change or refill.

Dirty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an essential component of many home generator systems. When your spark plugs are used for years on end, they can start to get dirty. A dirty spark plug will no longer be able to ignite efficiently and may result in mechanical troubles for your generator. Taking the time to change out your spark plugs will help you restore the functionality of your generator.

Clogged Air Filter

At least once a year, you will want to take the time to clean or change the air filter in your generator. Neglecting to care for your generator’s air filter can lead to your generator failing to turn on when you need it the most. Removing your dirty air filter and replacing it with a new unit will remove dirt, dust, and debris from your system. With assistance from your electrical service experts, you will be able to make sure that your generator is ready to assist you during a blackout or electrical emergency.

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