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outdoor lighting

When you work with an electrical contractor to create a new lighting design for your home, you may want to consider updating your outdoor landscape lighting. With new outdoor lights, you can illuminate special landscaping features, while also enhancing the security and safety of your property. Electrical contractors that offer lighting installation and generator service in Annapolis can help you design and install a terrific landscape lighting design for your yard. If you are wondering where to put your landscape lights, here is a look at three areas around your property that could benefit from landscape lighting.

Front Walkway

As you are creating your outdoor lighting design, you will want to illuminate areas that you typically use after it gets dark outside. When you arrive to your home at night, you are sure to appreciate a beautifully illuminated front walkway. You can choose to space out your walkway lights so that you offer plenty of illumination, without making the path too bright.

Side Yard

You may be surprised to learn that many lighting professionals suggest that homeowners place outdoor lights along their side yards. While you may not spend time in your side yard after dark, any hidden areas of your home and property could be tempting to criminals. A side yard light that is equipped with a motion sensor will illuminate and deter any unwelcome visitors to your property. Your home will become less appealing to criminals after you have placed your side yard lighting.

Landscaping Features

Outdoor lighting can also provide you with the opportunity to illuminate special landscaping features throughout your property. Your lighting design can include spotlights that point at mature trees, show-stopping bushes, or amazing hardscaping elements around your yard. Lighting up special areas of your property will provide you and your guests with visual focal points when you choose to entertain outdoors. With assistance from a team of electrical contractors, you will be able to pick out beautiful outdoor lights that are also very energy efficient.

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