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Yellow color lighting

You’ve done the hard work and finally finished designing, planting, and installing the landscape around your home. Everyone loves it during the day, but no one comments at night. You need outdoor lighting near Annapolis to illuminate your new surroundings so everyone can appreciate it, day and night.

Map Out Your Landscape

Not all light fixtures are created equal, especially when it comes to where they’ll be and what they’ll be the lighting. You also have to consider the transformer that will power your new lights and the cables attached to them. All of these factors play a role in how you showcase your environmental masterpiece. If you have trees you want to show off, consider a “well” light to illuminate the tree from the bottom. You might also look into a “downlight” fixture to create a moonlit effect. Other examples include a “wash” light which is soft and optimal for showing flat surfaces, such as a garden or house wall. These are just a few of the many lighting fixtures to keep in mind when mapping out your landscape design.

LEDs or Halogens?

In this day of energy efficiency, LED lights are becoming more popular, despite their cost. LEDs can last for up to 20 years with regular use. Halogen bulbs typically last only two years. With the efficient nature of LEDs in mind, installation and regular maintenance costs can be significantly lower. One of the drawbacks to LEDs is their high cost compared to halogen bulbs. Also, LEDs tend to put out less light than halogens. This lack of glow might not show everything in your yard the way you want.

When in Doubt, Hire a Pro

If you hired a professional landscaper to beautify your yard, why not do the same for your outdoor lighting design? Installation costs can be more expensive than a do-it-yourself project, but a professional will know the best points of your yard to highlight and steer you in the right direction of fixtures, bulbs, and transformers.

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