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commercial generator

Much like home generators, commercial generators in Annapolis provide backup power when the municipal supply is interrupted or cut off. Unlike portable models, commercial generators are installed permanently at a chosen location outside, usually close to the building. This type of generator can ensure that your business receives an uninterrupted supply of power during outages, keeping the systems that run on electricity, and that is important to your business – such as computer systems, security systems, HVAC systems, lighting systems, refrigeration systems, and others – on when you need them to be on.

Commercial generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. When an unexpected power outage happens, a commercial generator automatically kicks into action to provide power to your business. It does this by utilizing an automatic trip switch that monitors the electrical output from the supply source. Once tripped, electricity is usually restored within a few seconds after a power outage occurs. Contact your local professional who offers commercial electric services for more information, or to have a commercial generator installed at your business.

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