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LED lighting

If you are seeking an eco-friendly lighting solution for your home, you may want to talk to your electrician about installing new LED lights. When you upgrade your current lighting design to include LED lights, you can reduce your energy consumption while also providing your household with beautiful illumination. A team of electricians offering generators and smoke detectors in Annapolis can also help you choose the best LED lights for your new lighting installation. To help you prepare for your lighting upgrade, here is a quick look at some of the most popular LED lighting controls.

Toggle Dimmers

If you would like to have complete control over the level of illumination in each room of your house, you may want to consider including toggle dimmers in your LED lighting installation. A toggle dimmer features a small slider, which can be used to brighten or darken your LED lights. To provide you with additional convenience, toggle dimmers also feature pre-set controls, which can be saved to your preferred settings.

Touch Dimmers

To achieve beautiful illumination in a room, without having to adjust small buttons or slides, you may want to choose touch dimmers. When you include touch dimmers in your LED lighting installation, you will be able to control your lights by adjusting an easy-to-use touch panel. Your touch dimmer may also feature an indicator panel, which can be used to display the level of brightness that is currently featured in your room.

Integrated Systems

For large rooms with many different lighting features, integrated systems are a great option. Unlike toggle dimmers or touch dimmers, which control only a single set of lights, an integrated system will allow you to adjust many different lighting elements from one panel. When you are installing an integrated system, you may also want to explore the possibility of using a remote control device. Your electrician can provide you with more information about the lighting control options that are available for your LED system.

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