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A blackout is a major inconvenience, whether it’s for a few hours after a storm or for several days after a natural disaster. One way to ensure that you’re never without the power you need is to install a generator. Generators provide backup power to the appliances you don’t want to be without, such as a refrigerator, when residential electrical services are off. There are lots of great options for home generators, so the trick is selecting the right one for your property. To get the best generator, start by considering exactly what you’ll need during a blackout. Generators aren’t designed to power your entire house, but rather are used to keep the essentials running. Learn more about choosing a generator in this infographic from Weisman Electric Co. near Annapolis. Let one of our experts help you select the right residential electric services for your home, including the best generator. Please share this information with your family and friends.

Buyer's guide to generators in Annapolis, MD

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