A Quick Introduction to Marine Shore Power

When your boat is docked at the marina, its major electrical systems will typically be shut off. In order to make sure that your boat still receives power when it is moored to a floating dock, you may want to hire a team of electrical contractors in Annapolis to install a marine shore power system. With properly installed and maintained marine shore power, you will be able to use your marine lighting and other systems, even when your boat’s generator is switched off.

Marine Shore Power

In order to safely connect your vessel to a marine shore power source, it is very important to make sure that you use the correct wiring and electrical equipment to make the connection. Failing to use marine grade wires and cords could result in a dangerous situation for both you and any other vessels that are moored near your boat. To ensure that your marine shore power has been correctly set up, you can ask a team of marine electrical contractors to inspect your system.